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Why Choose The Center

  • DEDICATION only to Joint, Bone, Spine, Muscle & Nerve related disorder.
  • USES all conservative approaches
  • Utmost try to avoid traditional spine surgery.
  • Refer to spinal surgeon for genuine indication (only 1%)
  • Treat & Find out the SOURCE of Your Pain.
  • Run with the Latest Technology
  • Offer different approach of treatment with open discussion about treatment strategy appropriate for patient’s economic status.
  • Broad vision to accurate diagnosis of Musculoskeltal Problem regarding Rheumatology, Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal Medicine, Sports Medicine, Orthopedic Medicine & Rehabilitation Medicine.
  • Credit of rare diagnosis & success of recovery of failed cases of musculoskeletal problem in National & Foreign areas.
  • Patient Education not centered in white paper & proper counselling with explanation of every aspect of treatment.
  • Provide Outstanding and Compassionate Care
  • Help You Get Back to Your Active Lifestyle
  • Availability of Hotel accommodations
  • Very good Natural Surroundings
  • Available logistic supports from POPULAR MEDICAL COLLEGE HOSPITAL
  • Conveniently Prime zone of Dhaka city –Popular Medical College Hospital Consultation Center, Room-316, Home-5 (just south side ofCity College), Road-2, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh.

Thank you for your interest in the drZaman'sFCPS Interventional Pain, Arthritis & Spine center –POPULAR MEDICAL COLLEGE HOSPITAL, DHAKA, BANGLADESH leaders in Pain Management