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Diagnostic Pain Guide

Diagnostic Pain Procedures

What is a diagnostic pain procedure? How will it help you determine exactly “where” your pain is coming from and why is it important? drZaman can help!


Could this be your answer to relieve pain from herniated discs, disc bulges, inflamed facet joints, stenosis, degenerative disc disease, and arthritis?

drZaman specialize in determining and treating the root cause of pain with Diagnostic Pain Procedures and Nerve Ablations. It’s safe and effective.

A diagnostic pain injection is also referred to as a Medial Nerve Branch Block. In my practice, the first step in treating the chronic spine pain is to make an accurate diagnosis, which starts by listening to the patient, review the medical history, perform a physical examination, and evaluate imaging studies before recommending treatments or performing procedures.

MRI, CT, or other imaging studies in most cases help to make a diagnosis. While the results can provide important information, they do not always explain causes of chronic pain. Many people with abnormalities showing in their imaging studies such as degenerative disc disease, arthritis, stenosis, disc bulges and herniated discs, do not have any pain, some people with normal imaging studies have severe pain. The medical history and physical examination are crucial in deciding whether things that we see on radiology studies are causing pain.

When the diagnosis is not clear, diagnostic injections may be useful. They are also called Medial Nerve Branch Blocks. This safe 15 minute procedure involves placing numbing medication into a part of the spine that appears to be the root cause of pain and observing the effect on your symptoms. If a structure in your back is very tender when we inject it, or if pain subsides after a structure is numbed up, they may be the cause of your pain.

Once a diagnosis is established, the second step of treatment can begin. Now we know we have accurately diagnosed your back and neck pain, so what’s next?

Lastly, drZaman advices physiotherapy for complete rehabilitation.

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